Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup...
Psalm 16:5

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Car Conversation

This is what transpired during our eight minute drive to Ella's school today:

Emilie:  Mom, why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

Me:  (Sigh) That is a big question, Ems.  It is because of sin.

Ella:  (Emphatically) And Satan.  It is Satan's fault.

Emilie:  Who is sin?

Me:  Sin isn't a person (although yes, Satan did tempt Eve).  Sin is all the yuck and bad and ickieness in  our world.

Ella:  You know, like when you bite me or pinch me or hit me.  That is YOUR sin.

Me:  Yes, we all sin, a lot.  And because God is so good and perfect and wonderful, he can't be around sin.

Ella:  So that is why Jesus died.

Me:  Jesus had to die to take all the sin away.  His dying was like taking all the sin and throwing it in the garbage so we could be close to God.

Emilie:  Sometimes my sin comes out of the garbage.  It comes out of the garbage and I bite Ella.

Me:  Yes, we don't stop sinning because Jesus died, but he took care of all of it, even the sin we haven't done yet.  That is why we are so thankful and grateful.  We can only be close to God because of what Jesus did.

With that, we pulled into the school parking lot.  Sheesh.  Funny and hard and deep and I hope I say the right things when my two-year-old busts out with stuff like that.


  1. "Sometimes my sin comes out of the garbage . . . and I bite . . ." So profound! I'm still working on this one too, little Ems! (Well, not so much the biting part.)

    1. I know!!! My stinky sin is always making its way out of that blasted garbage. I couldn't believe she said this...from the mouths of babes.

  2. SO great.

    (Shaun asked me if I'd read it and I didn't know you were posting again. So I enjoyed getting all caught up last night. You have done a great job describing your journey!)